The depth of God

September 27, 2017

The deep unimaginable truth of God
is a plunge into mystery
a journey of faith and trust
the divine gift of the wilderness of loving
that only God can give

We can dream and create and imagine
a life we want…..
but the sacred experience
of encounter
opens a living light
allowing something seemingly
impossible to break through the words
a magnificence of presence
surrounding and infusing every molecule
of our being…..a streaming energy
that is its own glory and power and radiance
silencing everything else…

Nothing shakes or surpasses purity
when it happens….it is like slipping into truth
a wondrous revelation that could
never be proven but changes you forever….


Dawning of Love..

September 23, 2017



The vigil of silence just before dawn
is filled with the energy
and essence
of creating a new day
the presence of a world 
of new beginnings

the sacred listening
to one’s own heart
within the greater heart
in which we find
our very life

the source of the dearest one
from whom we come
as we wait for the promise
of a rising sun
to spill light upon the earth

surrendering to the flow
of pure love
and the faith and hope
that moves the becoming
of a morning

may love be the horizon
in the midst of storms
through loss and change
in great pain or flooding rains
that leave us reeling

may we find healing
in feeling
a greater surge of love
for each other and the courage
to begin again and again

pure love is the only response
that lights the way
to see beyond the loss
of our own personal paradise
to create another day




a wild rose filled with golden sun…..

Fountain of Grace

September 17, 2017

Rassouli-Cosmos-art- (1).jpg flowing

Watched a man gaze into
the blazing white hot turbulence
of a volcano
saw the crashing walls
of a glacier fall into the sea
a hurricane wipe an island away
a child being born to parents of love
listened to the rumbling thunder and rain tonight
the lightning flashing outside my windows
thousands asking for prayer for things gone wrong
in their bodies…in cities…in countries…in homes
in hearts…in souls…in living spirits
streaming prayers for earth and children
i feel God everywhere in everything
forever grateful for gracious presence
for beauty that overwhelms
thrilling vigilance beyond time
magnificent love and gentling grace
raindrops talking to me
sliding down my windows
sometimes wondering if they are
the compassionate tears of God
my life feels a forever unfolding conversation
with infinite faces and intimate whispering silence
a glorious music….waves of energy
creating seas and skies and stars
heavenly bodies and rhythm of a pulsing heart
throbbing love beyond my words
a divine love eternally embracing each and
everyone as a beloved…
calling me awake to come
into healing arms…


Love and Light forever rising…

September 14, 2017
Messiah Rassouli 2
Pure love is forever rising from open hearts,
from surrendered souls,
from the beauty of light
in divine molecules and particles
…..from the elements….
the essence of presence
…..awakened awareness…..
love eternally flowing….reigning…….
rising from the ashes….
on the wings of music
and the rhythms of pulsing hearts
….dancing winds
and the enchanting fragrance
of the nearness
of God
a sacrament of existence
….timeless glory
glowing in sweet revelations
…..shining through faith
…..and the gaze
and watchful eyes
….the dearest love in all the world
pure prayer of divine caring
 and sharing
 breathing into being..

We are God’s beloved ones…

September 13, 2017
Cannot count the many mornings
i have been present to the dawn
or how many nights of
wandering in a glowing internal light
aware of the flowing energy
when dawn and dusk and midnight touch
in the gaze and embrace of the beloved..
every moment becomes a communion
a divinely given experience
of the gift
of sharing in God as beloved
in creation as the kingdom
the body the house of the Lord
the indwelling presence of divine love
in the miracle of a truly living earth..
if we would only let it be
and learn to simply live in it
instead of upsetting
the phenomenal balance
and pure harmony
in which we were meant to exist..
we play and reflect and learn
as we become
proficient in imitation
and improvise
simply building sand castles
on the shore and letting a wave
return it to the sea..
when we create it is simply
a form of reflecting
inspiration and elation
the sweet joy of gratitude
and delight
we touch the divine
in dreams and visions of truth..
we return to earth
and realize we have been
in paradise all along
may we share the song
of each overflowing heart
and bask in the glory
of a great and generous God
blessing us eternally
for in truth
we are profoundly loved
and the great secret
of existence is that we
are the Beloved
we are God’s dearest creation
the ultimate achievement
life from life
light from light
made to ease his loneliness..

Healing Love

September 8, 2017
1463417_586335301402801_1343474464_n.jpg opening portal of light
When pure love touches a wound in a beloved…
it opens the residual suffering
that has hidden itself
in the body…and the light
releases the tears
and opens the flow
and healing becomes possible
to clear the pain..
Friends help to heal each other
through the guidance
of the Spirit
of Love
the Beloved within them
as a radiance
that forever lights
the way…

Wherever i am…you are there…

September 6, 2017
The delicacy of the air before dawn
is sublime and alive
feeling the rising sun
following the curve of the earth
….the divine tension
holding us
in suspension in space
is a deep awareness of benevolent grace
in the love that spills
from the heart
and the higher mind
where the flow becomes a glow
that illuminates
the soul..
Spinning dreams is part of our play
giving us a chance to say
how deeply we love
and feel the tender care
when God is there
and here
 so very near
as a vital spark of the chain of life
 of the wholeness and wonder
of our being
and our journey
with the eternal promise
and rising
presence in every
Feeling the strength of your arms
swinging me to the stars
and the tenderness
with which
we write our stories
there giving
birth to beauty
as infinite expressions
of you..
Falling into love
and the bewildering ecstasy
 the sheltering
of your existence
the transforming kiss and
sacred touch
of your breath
infusing me with
 your divine awareness
in my
  ultimate trust
and surrendering
knowing i am only truly alive
when i dwell
within you
O Beloved…my dear immortal Beloved One
 i shall forever sing
of the music and glory of you
in everything
that surrounds and sustains
the magnificence
and achingly beautiful
of my life
in you..

Monarch of Love

September 2, 2017
Rassouli-Monarch-of- (1)
i am the monarch of love landing on the shoulder
of your visioning..
the muse of the scent of paradise..
the spirit from the garden
as a profusion
of blossoming journeys
in the fluttering
of the search for sweetness
in the depth
of the flowering
of love
from the soul
soaring in the metaphors
of the mystics
tickling your heart
creating the dreams from a child
released from the
tapestries of the secrets
of beauty
i am the wings
of longing reaching to give life
to imagination
in the sea of the nectar
of love..

rainbows from the beloved’s eyes

August 31, 2017
21199544_10214266969456133_5021970267613922039_o.jpg dancing wth the light
filling the skies with the rainbows from the beloved’s eyes
dancing with the light..
in the pure joy 
of my heart..
love creates
the colors through
the beauty
of the beloved..
the nearness…..the fragrance..
the life-giving energy..
the flow of the music..
.the indwelling
of the divine presence..
the rhythm of hearts
beating in union..
an infusion of divine glory..
i am a surrendering song..
born to reflect the wondrous truth
of the One
from whom I come..


a timeless dawn

August 28, 2017
Love truly seems to flow like the river, rising like the fountain,
rushing free like the spring….we catch a wave
as it returns to the sea..
for it is the nature of pure love to give
and give and give and give and give
to be true to the light within us…the bliss of vintage wine…
the open heart…the light of the soul…
the breath of the divine…the laughter of joy…
the garden of beauty within us…
the living sea….the majestic tree …..
the prism breaking open….sun stars…..moon flowers…
the gondola of the moon….
the nightingale singing forever
to the opening petals of the crimson heart
of the rose within us…
the pouring out…spiraling and sweeping upward
falling as a blessing rain of love
from above…….every cell alive and tingling….
love activating life and light… sweetening our being…
never ending……self perpetuating…
soft explosions rocking and cradling…
moving our life from one eternal moment to the next….
a music of its own……
the spirit set free in colors that play
and living words that say
what they have to say and dance away to return another day
in a robe of mist…..kissed by the sun
free to be…to see….free to love
come near and hear my whispering in your ear
my laughter in the night
my joy in the light
brushed by the essence of presence
the fragrance of the cool winds carrying the scent
of lilacs and honeysuckle….jasmine….and wild roses
dancing rays of the silvery moon shining
on drops of dew caressing the skin
soft breezes swirling and playing with silken hair
and the heart knows….that in the flow
the beloved is there…
1105704-1920x1080-[]deep green forest